I have 14 years experience in sustainable business communications and branding.


I began my career shaping the communications for what’s now one of the world’s most respected solar energy companies, Solarcentury, and in 2006 co-launched SolarAid, the non-profit leading electricity access in the developing world. On the communications team of green consumer finance innovators Abundance Investment, I have also been a financial reform commentator with Move Your Money and a communications lead at international environmental non-profit CDP.

I have appeared on Sky News, Channel 4 News, BBC Earth in the Independent, The Guardian and The Times and have guest lectured in art, design and environmental communications at The University of Sheffield and The University of Thessaloniki in Greece. I have a BSc. in Geographical Sciences from the University of Bristol and have trained in PR, journalism, textile design and documentary production.

I also have a passion for art and design. In 2014, with the support of Ashden and Abundance, I founded ‘Human Nature’ the international environmental art organisation, increasing the visibility of contemporary artists exploring our connection to nature across the world with exhibitions during London Design Week and street art tours including The Art of Beeing USA in 2016. Joining international green brands, non-profits, philanthropists and artists, Human Nature has been featured by The Guardian, BBC News, Vice, Fox News, National Geographic, The Art Conference and Wellcome Trust.

I have spoken, guest lectured and held workshops on communications at:

The Hospital Club & Eden Project Sustainability Series / Planet First (December 2015)

The University of Sheffield & Crick Institute ‘Art, Democracy & Power’ (May 2016)

The Guardian: Q&A How can the arts tackle climate change? (May 2016)

‘COPtimism’ conference, Kings College, London (May 2016)

Sustaining Cultural Creativity (Julie's Bicycle), University of Thessaloniki, Greece (June 2016)

National Park City Launch, Royal Festival Hall (Oct 2016)

D&AD & The Art Conference (April 2017)

Communicate: The conference for environmental communications, Bristol (Human Nature, Nov 2017)

British Association of Modern Mosaic AGM, Kings College, London (September 2018)

Please get in touch for speaking and workshop opportunities.


A selection of my work

‘Making Wave Power Work’ campaign for Marine Power Systems (MPS) and their WaveSub (above), 2017.

‘Making Wave Power Work’ campaign for Marine Power Systems (MPS) and their WaveSub (above), 2017.


Marine Power Systems (MPS) is a wave power engineering company based in Swansea, South Wales. Throughout 2016 & 2017 the organisation needed to strengthen its brand and increase investor confidence in the British wave power sector in the run up to at sea testing of their ‘Wave Sub’ and consequent investment raise. Good Shout Studio worked with them to position their brand; refine their messaging and website and build a high impact communications campaign. I subsequently media trained their management team; produced a new industry report and digital content including a creative corporate animation to bring their technology to life. We then executed a successful integrated media relations and digital campaign. For more information go to www.marinepowersystems.co.uk

GIF from ‘The Story of the Line’ produced with Matt Abbiss for Abundance Investment, 2015.

GIF from ‘The Story of the Line’ produced with Matt Abbiss for Abundance Investment, 2015.


Abundance Investment is one of the world’s leading alternative finance companies. Based in London, UK, purpose driven Abundance pioneered green finance crowd funding to enable wide scale roll out of community owned renewable energy and other ‘positive’ investments. I was a communications advisor for Abundance from 2013 to 2016, as they refined their brand, increased their digital and media campaign activity and scaled their investment offer. Working with the marketing and communications team on brand development; communications strategy; content development and media relations; the first Human Nature art show pop up was also produced in conjunction with Abundance, with the roll out of exhibitions across the UK thanks to match funding from Ashden following their Ashen Award win for leadership in renewable energy in 2014. For more information go to www.abundanceinvestment.com

The Solarcentury team at one of the company’s first solar park projects in the UK, 2012.

The Solarcentury team at one of the company’s first solar park projects in the UK, 2012.


Founded in 1998, Solarcentury has been around since the early days of the solar industry and is part of the rapid evolution that has made PV the mainstream energy source that it is today. It is one of the most respected solar companies in the world and is in business for a purpose: to make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change through the widespread adoption of solar power. As Public Relations Manager from 2006 to 2012 I led cross company brand development and messaging, launched Solarcentury into European markets and built and executed integrated media and digital B2B and B2C strategies including "We Support Solar", to secure solar Feed-in tariffs (FIT) and wider policy support in the UK. FIT lifted the UK solar market from 8MW solar capacity in 2010 to 80MW in 2011, with 13 GW of solar powering the UK in August 2019. I also co-launched SolarAid, the international solar charity enabling energy access in the developing world. For more information go to www.solarcentury.com